Q-Fusion Fittings

Q-Fusion Highest Electrofusion Products in the Building Industry and Gas Country with Brand

Manufacturer of fittings

Supplies of large projects in Tehran and other parts of the country by Qatran Ettesal and Polyethylene Semnan

High quality products

Supplies of large projects in Tehran and other parts of the country by Qatar Bond and Polyethylene Semnan

Our Products

Qatran Ettesal following the major demand of the polyethylene pipes and fittings for the implementation of under pressure Irrigation, Water supply, Gas supply and ...

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Why Q-Fusion?

Qatran Ettesal manufactures a wide range of Q-Fusion connectors that can be used in a variety of industries, including the construction industry, agriculture and ...

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Our Partner

Our manufacturing company produces polyethylene pipes from 5mm up to 500mm. Among the various types of our polyethylene pipes we can refer to soft pipes ...

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High Quality

The ISO9001-2008 quality management system has been selected as the standard model of the company and believes that the fulfillment of the above standards ...

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Qatran Ettesal has a wide product range of Q-FUISON Fitting can be used in different industries such as building industry.

The wide range selection of high quality joining systems, machines, tools and accessories is representative of an informed and solution approach to our customers needs in water, gas, irrigation and waste water utility market. The Q-Fusion equipment can be supplied with a built in data-recording system to give full traceability of individual welds. Electrofusion permits a safe, systematic, economic and efficient fully welded installation for both buried and above-ground PE piping systems.

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